Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 69
Building in Harrisburg

  It looks like winter has begun here in Arkansas, It started getting a lot colder this week.  Earlier on in the week it was raining a ton, but luckily since the day we started bike week it hasn't been the whole time!  Thanksgiving is almost here which is crazy, because It felt like yesterday that November was just starting.  
  It was another solid week here on the mission field.  We had the opportunity to go on  Exchanges with the Zone Leaders.  I stayed here in this area y Elder Ceron went over to Searcy.  Elder Cunningham and I had a really solid day., We were able to talk with pretty much everyone, and find some cool people out of it.  One guy who's door we felt like we should knock on told us "I don't know much about Mormon's, but I know they are always happy!".  We asked him if we wanted to learn more about that happiness y we were able to teach him about the BOM, and he seemed very interested.  It was nice when people realize that the rumors aren't real. He had only known about us from South Park and the Book of Mormon play, but wants to learn more about our religion.   
Elder Geddes and Elder Cunningham

  We were also able to go see Lin.y Jo. a couple times this week!  The second time we had a super good lesson on Temples, while talking about Baptisms for the dead y eternal marriages.  It was a really good lesson, and she was super interested in being able to do those things.  I asked her what she needed to do to be able to partake of those blessing y she told me "become a member and be baptized again!" That was cool to see that she really understands why baptism is so important. It opens the gate for eternal blessings. She is getting a lot closer as she learns more and more about the church.  As well Jo. was able to come to a YSA dinner/devotional that we had last night, and he really seemed to enjoy it!  
  We are still visiting the E. kids!  It is going really well, and we were able to teach them several lessons this week.  The grandma has been listening in the whole time, and she seems to be interested as well.  All the kids were able to come to church again this week and seemed to love it!  They also came out to the Thanksgiving dinner that we had.  All the kids wanted to help clean up, so they all stayed after the activity to clean up tables and chairs.  We are really excited for them as they continue to prepare for baptism. They are such great kids!  
  Another cool thing that happened this week was that Tina y Takiya were both able to give their first talks in Sacrament meeting this week!  They did very well, and their testimonies were awesome.  After they were both able to get their Patriarchal blessing, and the cool thing was that it was Patriarch Williams who gave me my Patriarchal blessing.  It was really cool to talk to him again, and as well he gave an awesome talk in sacrament meeting.  It's been amazing to see the continual progression of Tina y Takiya, and how much happiness and blessing that the gospel has brought into their lives.  
  The mission life is going great, and we are excited for this Thanksgiving week.  We might end up turning into turkeys with how much food we are going to eat!  I know that as we live in Thanksgiving daily (Alma 34:38) we are truly going to see how much the lord blesses us each day.  I'm so grateful for all the blessing that I have, and the wonderful life I have been blessed with.  I hope y'all have a great week! 

Elder Geddes

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Week 68

   This week was an awesome week, especially this past weekend!!  Once again we were able to see Lin. y Jo. a few times this week with Elder Cameron Green.  We had  some really good lessons with them y then on the second lesson with Linda we were asking her a few questions y she told us that when we first came God told us that we were his servants y that she needed to listen to him. Then when she came to church she told us that God had told her that this was his church.  With that in mind you would think that everything is super solid y that we are good to go.  She has some obligations in her other church that are holding her back from being baptized into the church. She knows that we are there to help her realize  there is only one true church.  Hearing what God says to our investigators is always a testimony builder for me, y just amazing to see the work of the Lord in the work and the realness of it.  We believe this is just a small hurdle, but that soon she will be able to make the proper decisions in order to receive all the blessing that God has planned for her!  We are really excited to continue to teach them. 

 The highlight of the week was this past weekend!  On Saturday we were able to see an inactive/lost member (Mir.) that we had found just last week.  We had a really good lesson with them on Saturday y we talked about the importance of the hope in God y applying the principles of the gospel in to our lives.  Even more importantly having her kids grow up int he gospel to give them a great environment to grow up in.  She said she definitely wants that for her kids, y then she called them out to the living room (5 of the 7) y asked them if they wanted to go to church.  They all raised their hands, and were super excited about going.  The next morning a member picked all 5 boys up, y brought them to church.  At church they loved sacrament, y they were thrilled to go to their classes!  One of the boy's (Andrew) was so excited when I told them that they get to go with other kids.  They are such good kids as well as super behaved.  After church we talked to them, y they said they loved their primary classes y that they already met new friends.  As well as their mom Miranda was able to make it to the last hour even though she had worked early that morning.  

  I was talking to her after y she told me that when she walked in she could just feel peace, y that the spirit was just so strong.  It was the first time in 3 years that she had been to church.  She went to Relief Society y shared her experience, y how grateful she was that the missionaries found her y that she was able to return.  After church "Elder" Green y I took all the boys back, y when we came back Miranda was still there.  She was talking with a member y then she was telling me later that she just didn't want to leave, because she felt so good there, She said that she didn't want to be anywhere else.  She ended up staying for a while after, and we were able to set up an appointment with them tomorrow so we can start teaching her kids.  It's amazing the miracles that the Lord provides in the mission work.  We are looking to help them prepare for baptism, and receiving the countless blessing that come from living the gospel.  

  The work is amazing and there is no doubt that the Lord is fully involved in all aspects of missionary work, Especially as we strive as a mission to reach our November goal.  I love being a missionary and to be a instrument in the hands of the lord.  I hope y'all had a great week.  We are looking for an even better week this week!  Have a great day!

Elder Geddes

Monday, November 9, 2015

    Week 67
Elder Geddes and Elder Geddes
                                                                        Sister MacFarlane and ELder Geddes
                                                                            (Both from the Cedar Hills, UT West Stake)

   Transfers were this week and it was another great week here in Jonesboro.  I am very glad that I get to stay in this area for another transfer!  We were able to go to the transfer meeting in Little Rock which was super awesome.  While there was reunited for Elder Heaton!!!  
Elder Heaton and Elder Geddes reunited!
 It had been over 4 months or so, he got transferred to back where we started in Little Rock, and is now a Spanish Zone Leader where he will go on exchanges with the Spanish Missionaries in the mission.  I was called to be District Leader, so I will be over the missionaries here in Jonesboro!!  I'm really excited about that, and looking forward to the opportunity to lead and guide the members of my District.  Jonesboro is an awesome area, so we should be seeing many miracles in the month.  It will definitely be a great opportunity for me to learn and grow even more!  I also was able to see Elder Zickella y Croft, the trio was reunited!  I saw Hermana Ashley Macfarlane from our Stake and as well as the new Elder Geddes.  I'll make sure to send some pictures with all of them!  

Old companions meet again with Sister Johnson
  Another cool thing that happened this week is we were able to see the family from Ghana again.  This time Elder Cameron Green (the one who just go back from Ghana temporarily) wasn't able to go with us, but we decided to see them anyways.  We finished teaching the restoration, and really focused the lesson more on the daughter Lin.. She had some really good questions, and as well as answers. You could tell she understood most of the lesson.  We invited her to church, and she said that she needed a ride. We got Elder Green y his family to give here a ride.  On Sunday she was ready to go, and she even got her brother Joh. to come with here.  The church went really well, and Elder Green told me that while she was in Relief Society she felt the spirit super strong and just felt good inside.  After church there was a Ward Potluck because it was Ward Conference, and Lin. y Joh. were able to sit with the rest of the youth y they seemed to have a great time.  There is another kid that attends the ward who is from Nigeria, so they were able to relate super well.  She seemed super happy to come to church, and we are planning on seeing them several times this week! 
  After Church we went to visit a lady that had called out to us to use our phone the other day.  We knocked and her husband (Jo.) came out and wasn't all that interested.  We got to talking y he told us how his dad was a minister at the Church of Christ for 18  years, and had told him not to read the BOM.  We helped explain to him a little more of what it is, and how it can help them in his life.  He told us he was actually looking for a church right now, because of some things that had happened.  By the end he ended up asking us for a copy of the BOM, and as well for our number because he wanted to make sure to call us if the Holy Ghost testified to him that the Book was true. During all this his dad happens to drive by, stops for a second, realizes who he is talking to and then drives away.  Joseph started laughing, and said that is the first time ever that his Dad hadn't stopped by ha ha!  He told us he was going to call him y give him crap.  He said he wasn't going to mention that he had got a BOM to his dad though ha ha!.  He was a super nice guy and seemed really sincere.  It amazes me that other churches are so diligent in preaching against the BOM,, because they know if someone sincerely reads and prays about it, they will no doubt receive an answer.  How blessed are we to have the knowledge of the Book of Mormon in our lives!  
  That is so awesome to hear that Jessica Smith is coming back out to the mission!  The last time I talked to her was in Memphis for the 40th anniversary and she said that there hardly was a chance of her being able to come out.  That's super sweet though, great example of diligence and finishing what you started! 
  That about does it for me this week, and this next week should be a great one as well.  I hope y'all have an awesome week and I appreciate the emails!  Love you!  

√Člder Geddes

Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 66 

  This week was an awesome week here in Jonesboro!!  The greatest part was that it wasn't my last week here like we expected.  We didn't get any transfer calls, so it looks like the Elder Ceron y I are going to be staying together for another one.  I'm super excited to stay here in this area.The members are so cool, and we have some great investigators that should be baptized in the month of November as we reach for our goal of 100 baptisms.  I will be here in Jonesboro for at least another 6 weeks!  
   Earlier on in the week we had the opportunity to go by and visit a less active family in the ward.  They are recent converts, and were baptized in Missouri.  When I came here they were pretty active, but after a few transfers they just hadn't really been coming.  We decided just to drop by that night and share with them a message.  We talked about the importance of the commandments, and how things just work out better when we obey them.  I decided to ask them what is stopping them form going to church.  They said they have seen a huge difference when they have gone and not gone, and they want to return to activity but that it's just hard to get back into it.  We ended by showing a Mormon message, and it was perfect for them.  After that they said they needed to go back every week. I asked if I could give him a reminder text on Sunday, and he said "just call me"!  They came to the ward Chili Cook of y Trunk or treat this week and as well they came to church this Sunday, y we saw them last night. They are already so much happier, and were saying how grateful they are to return to activity!  
The Lopez Family
  As well this week were were able to see the Lopez family several times.  We had some great lesson with them and they were sad to think that one of us would be leaving.  They were thrilled this morning when they heard that we aren't getting transferred!   On Sunday Cla. y Gab. showed up to church, and then a few minutes later the all of their children came with all of their spouses!  It was so awesome to have the family together at church and there was a bunch of them.  We were really grateful for that and the fast and testimony meeting was spot on, tons of great testimonies and the spirit was really strong.  We are excited to help them progress more and more and see the more changes in their lives as they continue accepting the fullness of the gospel into their life. 
   On Sunday night we had a dinner with a super awesome family.  After that we had about 45 minutes until our next appointment.  It was either go with the other Elders because we were on bike week, or find in the area close to this members house for a few minutes.  We decided to do that and we knocked a few doors, and not much luck.  Then we both felt we should knock on a certain door, and a guy opened it up and said "come on in" I was actually super surprised, and almost though he was joking.  Turns out they are next door neighbors to some other members, and they are super good friends with them and have talked a little bit about the beliefs.  He was super willing to listen, and wanting to discuss more.  We didn't have much time, but he wants us to come back to teach him y his family!  That was a cool little experience of that little finding effort leading us to a prepared family!   It all worked out because our next appointment ended up being pushed back 30 minutes, so we were right on time.  Other than that just a great week, and we are excited as always for the miracles coming the next week!  

Have a great week, and thanks for the email!
Elder Geddes                                                            
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