Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 78

 Another good week here in the great land of Arkansas!  Nothing too big happened this week, but we have been really busy.  

 The highlight of the week was the Mission broadcast el merciless, and then going to the temple for MLC the next day! I quote that I really liked from the broadcast was  "If you don't know what to say, start talking about the Savior.  We can never talk to. Much about the Savior, Matt: 10:32. Speak of him, and he will speak of you to the father."  Neil L. Anderson.  That was a huge theme of the missionary broadcast is having the "Savior on our lips".  Sometimes we get focused on all of the little things, but I have seen as we relate everything to the Savior, the spirit testifies and those that we are teaching our touched.  We should all be ready to testify of the Savior in all times and places.  It was the first Worldwide Missionary Boadcast in ten years. The last one was the release of Preach my Gospel.  I learned many things from the broadcast, and was able to set some good goals personally and as a district.  
   That night we headed to Memphis and stayed the night there, so we could get to the meeting on time that next morning.  We had mission leadership council,l and in the middle of the meeting were able to do a session in the temple.  It was an awesome experience, and we had a really cool questions y answer session with the Temple Presidency after. The temple is such an amazing place.  

  Other than that this week included a snow day, but we only had to stay in the apartment for a couple hours extra.  There was about five inches of snow on the ground though, it was pretty impressive!  Later on that day we went and closed down an apartment.   Then on Saturday we had to drive downtown o Arkadelphia to deliver a bed for a trio.  Pretty good week overall.  We were able to teach a little bit, and Alina the less active member in the Spanish branch made it to church down there on Sunday which was sweet!  

  It sounds like you had a fun week this week!  Our week will be pretty crazy with transfers.  Our whole district is staying the same other than the Elder that is going home, and another Elder will come in.  Elder Ceron will be training in Jonesboro this transfer, so I will be a grandpa!!  Pretty sweet stuff!  Have a great week, love y'all!

Con amor,
Elder Geddes

Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 77

  Another really busy week here in the office! Yup for a lot of the trips I pull the trailer behind our big Chevrolet Express Van. At the beginning of the week President had us y Elder Eatchell take the Spanish Elders (Heaton y Doty) up to Russellville, and then the Spanish sisters (Macfarlane y Moore) back down to Little Rock for an exchange.   That was a pretty good drive, and it's always good being around the Spanish missionaries!  The next night we had to do the same thing as well to switch them back.  We also had a meeting with President Wakolo y the office staff over lunch as he explained to us the new transfer cycle now that we don't have transfer meeting.  It's pretty cool what they have come up with.  Elder Lundell and I will be staying together for another transfer.  
  A cool highlight of the week was when were and the Spanish ZL's were able to go over to dinner with Monica!  She had remembered what my favorite food was, and made us Tostadas de Tinga!!  They were pretty unreal, It had been a long time since eating that!  We also were able to talk with her and set some goals to start reading again ,and having the missionaries more consistently as well! It was great remembering all experiences that we had had with them.  After Monica striked again, and she shoved one of her daughters faces into a cake for a "Mordida" just like she had done with Elder Heaton about a year ago!  That was great,, and she told us to give her a call again for when we could come down for another dinner!  
   For the rest of the week were were really busy with things in the office, preparing for a new Office Sister who just came in, and moving and switching some apartments up in Morrilton.  As well as giving furniture to missionaries in Choctaw y Danville.   On Saturday we were even able to have a full day of Proselyting which was pretty cool!  And during the week Hunter called us y asked if we could switch our appointment to Friday.  He told us to come hungry, and he made us dinner which was pretty sweet. We were able to teach him the Plan of Salvation and it went really well.  He said he was going to pray about being baptized.  Overall a good week, and this next week should be a great and busy week as well!  
  I hope all is well with y'all, have an awesome week!

Elder Geddes

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Week 76
Many Miles Traveled
Hola from the great land of Arkansas, and yes I can say from hello from the whole land because we traveled all around the.  For this week we went to the areas of Conway, Otter Creek, Cabot, Jacksonville, Arkadelphia, Camden, Monticello, Pinnacle Mountain, Little Rock Spanish South y North, and Forrest City!  I will send a map showing some of the places that we drove to. state this week!  We had a really busy week starting from Monday night driving missionaries places.  This week included: closing an apartment, driving missionaries to and from appointments, taking stuff to apartments, staff meeting with President Wakolo, and all sorts of other great office stuff. 

Reuniting with Ana
A great highlight was getting to have dinner with Ana again in Little Rock with Elders Heaton, Diaz, Doty y Anaya.  It was such an awesome reunion to see Ana again and she was excited to see me.  She mad us some awesome food as always, and she has been doing super well.  It was amazing because this time I could understand clearly all that she was saying!  I remember when we ate there before it would always be a struggle to understand when everyone was speaking Spanish.  The lord truly has blessed me with the gift of tongues, and it was cool to see how much I really have learned since the last time I was there about a year ago.   

Visitng Yader and Family
Another awesome day is when we went down to Yader's to have Lunch with them while we're delivering a few things in that area. Before that we left a little early so I could try and see Monica who the missionaries hadn't really been in contact with for a while.  It was a weird feeling going back into my first area again, and seeing everything.  When we got there they had just got in their car. so we walked up and knocked on the window!  She was really excited and surprised that I was there!  It was a great reunion and she invited us over for dinner on a day that we have open.  I'm hoping she will be reactivated and back on the right track before they move back to Mexico in April!  Cassandra was there and as well as Bryan!  

After that we went to have lunch at Yader's!! That was awesome seeing him again as well as Joanne and the girls.  It is so cool to see the change in them over the past year, and how focused they are in the gospel.  They are really excited about getting sealed within a month or so.  They are doing great, and both have callings in the Spanish Branch.  It is always awesome to see them!  

This week was so busy we didn't have too much time to do a lot of actual teaching.  We were  able to see an investigator (Hunter) last night.  He is a boyfriend of a member and he is really cool.  He told us some great stories from his work because he checks electric meters, and he runs into all sorts of interesting things. He asked us randomly about tithing and says he wants to pay it next week!  That was pretty cool, and we hope we can see him this wee as well.  We are working with a few less actives and that is also going well. 

Have a great week!!
Con Amor, Elder Geddes
Pinnacle Mountain

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Week 75

Huge BBQ nachos en Memphis!

  It's hard to believe that it's already 2016, the last year has flown by and it was filled was so many amazing experiences.  
Alvaro y los Hermosillo

  This last week was another really busy week as it always is as Office Elder, and we as well had some really good teaching experiences.  We had to go to Memphis and back twice this week to transport people to the leadership training, and as well close an apartment in Memphis.  We were able to see Alvaro my recent convert. He was in Memphis for the break, and he had been attending school in Ohio.  It sounded like he has been doing great, and it was sweet to see him!  

Con la familia Lopez
Gotta see ceron again!
  We also got to go to the promised land of Jonesboro, Arkansas on New Years days to deliver some furniture to the Elders there.  We set up a dinner with Claudio y his family, and we ate some great Pasole!  It seriously was the best seeing them again, and it felt as if I had never left.  They are an awesome family, and since Claudio was baptized the family has been doing Family home evenings, and they are starting to listen in on the lessons.  It's always a great feeling knowing that your recent converts are staying strong and progressing in the Gospel.  Claudio even mentioned that he wanted to go see the Temple in Utah!  While there we were also able to go see Tina y Takiya for a few minutes.  That was a great trip, and we arrived back in North Little Rock that night.  
  Over the weekend we were able to go out and do some teaching after we finished the office work.  One night we went to see Alina y Rafael who are less active in the Spanish Branch. This was the second time we visited them.  We knocked on the door and no one was there.  I figured we might as well knock another house since we were there. No answer either,so we went to get in the car, and then right after they pulled up to their house and we were able to see them!  We had a really good lesson on the BOM, and they really opened us to us.  They both committed to going to church, and this time they said we could come back whenever.  Where the last time they said the only day they could do it on Saturday night.  I was definitely glad we knocked on that extra door to keep us in the area for them to come back.  
   Diligence has been one of my goals recently, and I've seen the blessings as we have been more diligent in missionary work.  On Sunday night we went to an investigators house, and their Pastor was there as well as like 15-20 other people from their church.  We didn't want to bother them because they had visitors, but they invited us to come in.  They are all Hispanic and for an hour I talked with the pastor about the Book of Mormon and our beliefs, while everyone else was listening.  It was a good experience, and we are going to bring them Spanish copies of the BOM in the next couple of days.  It was also nice to be able to speak Spanish!  
  That night we had gone to another place to see some people.  It was around 8:40 and we were out of people to try.  I felt that we needed to return back to the trailer park and see a lady that we had seen last week.  We went to her trailer and all the lights were off. So we decided to knock the trailer next to it an Hispanic family let us in right away.  I was able to share our basic beliefs with them and introduce the BOM to them.  They were really cool, and we were able to set up a return appointment with them.    Great experience of how the Lord places someone in our path as we decided to try just another door instead of going in a few minutes early.  Other than that just an overall great week, and should be another busy one this week! 

I love you lots, and hope your week is great as well! Thanks for the email! 

Con amor,
Elder Geddes