Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 101

  Feliz cuatro de Julio amigos!!  This last week here in Danville has been another great one and it ended off in a great way!!  

 Earlier on in the week were were able to go on exchanges with the ZL's and Elder Thomas was able to come up here with me in Danville.  It was a great time with him, he's one of my good friends and we were able to get a lot of work done.  We got to see Efren and had a great lesson with him!  He said "you're right, I just need to ask and decide what I'm going to do". He's a really awesome guy and we can't wait until he is able to come to church y progress more.     Later on in the day he interview Billy for his baptism and Billy passed and was all ready to go!  At first he seemed a little nervous for the interview, but after he was really excited.  And throughout the week we were  able to see Billy every single day this week which was awesome.  One of those days we show up and his roomate Jama said that Billy had cut off his hand that day at work.  We were pretty scared for him and after a few minutes Billy came back for the store and his hand was all wrapped up.  Luckily his whole hand wasn't cut off, but a couple of his fingers were pretty shredded.  He was trying to get a chicken out of the neck skinner, and his glove got caught and started pulling his hand in.  But Billy was in really high spirits though, and glad that it didn't get hurt worse. 

  On Sunday was the day of the baptism and the ward mission leader and I went to pick him up.  He was all ready to go with all his stuff.  We had church and I was able to give my last testimony during fast Sunday on my mission.  After church everyone went to the overflow where we had the baptism.  Right before the baptism  I went with Billy and we wrapped his hand with a clear plastic bag, a rubber band, and some tape so that his wrap wouldn't get wet.  Brother Torgerson was able to Baptize him and it all went well!  Billy was really excited, and his roommate y wife were able to attend as well.  It has been amazing to me how much the spirit has touched Billy and helped him progress in the gospel.   Our Heavenly Father truly does prepare people to enter into his kingdom, and will do anything he can to prepare them for making those big steps.   His progression has been a miracle and I know that his son (who was a member) was guiding him along from up in the Spirit world.  It was the best gift I could've asked for on my Birthday!  

  The rest of my Birthday we were able to do some teaching and then Elder Claridge and I went to the church to do some grilling.  We cooked up some Steak, Fish, and Brawtwurst that was super good.  Even if we failed for a while trying to start up the grill!  

  As for the rest of the week, we continued to teach a lot.  We were able to see Patsy several times, and she is progressing little by little.  We are hoping that the spirit will touch her one of these lesson, and lead her to take action.  We taught her the entire plan of salvation this week and she believed it to be true, but she is content on the level of knowledge that she has now.  She's super nice, and is always will to listen when we come over.  I was able to teach an Hispanic and I couldn't really tell if she was actually very interested.  But then I explained the Book of Mormon to her and after she looked up and said that she wanted to read the whole thing!  It was a lesson to me to always be teaching even if they don't seemed too thrilled, you never know what's going to get their attention.  Overall an awesome week and we are looking forward to Billy's confirmation the next Sunday!

Have a great week, and I hope y'all have a wonderful Fourth of July!  Love y'all!

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